About MPH Group

What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is the bypass of the critical factor of the conscious mind and the establishment of acceptable selective thinking-Giving thoughts that are okay with YOU! It can be considered deep relaxation. Hypnosis is beneficial in transforming an issue, belief, illness, problem or situation to improve and promote health and well being. It was introduced by a man named Franz Anton Mesmer who studied magnetism. His procedure was referred to as Mesmerism. Later a man named James Braid changed it to hypnotism and hypnosis.

What is Hypnotizability?
It is the ability for someone to be hypnotized. Everyone can be hypnotized. It is up to the client to allow himself to relax. A trance like state happens to us every day even when we don’t realize it. Can you remember a time you went through a green light at an intersection and you couldn’t remember if it was green? Then you looked back in your review mirror and it was indeed green.

What to expect in a hypnosis session:
During hypnosis the subconscious mind takes in what the hypnotist is saying while the client is in a deep level of relaxation or trance like state. The client is still able to sense or hear everything going on around them. The client is guided to imagine a safe place and is guided into deep relaxation, where the mind is able to let go of its thoughts and daily concerns. Sometimes people have experienced this level on their own. The mind goes in and out of trance several times a day without us knowing it. It may even seem like day dreaming.

This deep level of relaxation is also sometimes achieved right before you fall asleep or before you fully wake up in the morning. When in this deep level of relaxation the subconscious mind records commands or suggestions that are received. The subconscious sends the new suggestions to the client when needed such as: “I am full”,” I am healthy”, “I am strong and successful”. The new positive suggestions replace old thoughts and help the client.

Levels of Brain Waves Frequencies – Trance levels

Beta 13-30 +  Hertz Awake and Alert
Alpha 8-12  Hertz Relaxed
Theta 3-7  Hertz Near Sleep
Delta 0.5 -2  Hertz Sleep

What kinds of Hypnosis do we do?
There are different kinds of hypnosis. The first type is basic hypnosis. Basic hypnosis is used for retraining the subconscious, for healing, for self improvement and creating wellness. Another type of hypnosis we teach is self hypnosis. We also do special kinds of hypnosis derived from basic hypnosis such as clinical hypnosis, medical hypnosis, sports hypnosis, hypnobirthing, and metaphysical hypnosis.

Advanced Hypnosis Therapies and Techniques
There are special advanced techniques or therapies that are considered hypnosis that can be used with basic hypnosis such as: different kinds of regression therapies, parts therapy, gestalt therapy, progression therapy, and more.

Basic Hypnosis
Basic hypnosis can be therapeutic and used for many things. For example it is used to retrain subconscious thoughts, beliefs and behaviors into new ones. It is also used for healing, releasing, forgiveness, transformation, integration, and bringing one into wholeness and well-being. Other specialty techniques of hypnosis are used in conjunction with basic hypnosis.

A few reasons to have Basic Hypnosis done
For weight reduction
To quit smoking
To promote self-confidence and self-esteem
To enhance your creative abilities (singing, art, playing an instrument)
To promote relaxation and relieve tension and stress
To Aid in relieving pain
To improve public speaking, help you with goals, get motivated, and make better choices
To promote a good night’s sleep (all through the night)
To promote optimum health, motivate you to exercise and create positive thinking
To open you up to love and prosperity, to help you use the law of attraction

Self Hypnosis
Self hypnosis is a form of hypnosis. It is a way of putting oneself into the state of hypnosis. All hypnosis is actually self hypnosis because the client is the one who allows themselves to go into a relaxed state, even if guided by a hypnotherapist. With self hypnosis one is able to follow their own suggestions to get into hypnosis. It is a simple and uncomplicated process we teach you.

Clinical Hypnosis 
Clinical hypnosis is hypnosis done by a counselor, therapist or a medical doctor that is trained in hypnosis.

Medical Hypnosis
Medical hypnosis is hypnosis used in the medical field or dental field. The hypnotist works with medical professionals in medical offices, hospitals and also with dentists.

Sports Hypnosis

Sports hypnosis is used to enhance the ability to retrain the subconscious to focus and achieve one’s goals in the particular area-expertise of the client.

Hypnobirthing is taking the birthing world by calm. It is as much a philosophy as it is a special technique; hypnosis is used to help women have a calm, gentle, natural childbirth. Hypnobirthing education for safer, easier, more comfortable birthing in the way that most mirrors nature is taught. This is considered an area where special training and certification is needed and Jessica is a gold seal Certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner.

Metaphysical Hypnosis
Metaphysical hypnosis is hypnosis revealing answers to things that are sometimes not defined as “normal”. It covers the real and what may seem to be unreal, the physical, the nonphysical and the unexplainable. It covers the more spiritual aspect of what hypnosis can help you with. It covers things that some of us don’t quite understand such as communicating with one’s guardian angles, spirit guides, totem animals, exploring past lives, in-between lives and future lives. It covers what the soul experiences when not in the physical body such as: what happens to you as a soul on different levels of existence, in the here-after (heaven) or lives it is living simultaneously (something called parallel lives, multiple lives or soul splits).

With this kind of hypnosis you can get a glimpse of what to expect when your soul detaches from your physical body via your silver cord. It is accepting that we are of mind, body and spirit. It is used for many things in this area such as: inner healing, self  healing, connecting to one’s innerself, higherself, lowerself or shadow- aspects/ego parts, connecting and communicating with the soul, healing the soul, soul retrieval, exploring and healing the chakras and the energy body, opening up to and enhancing your intuition, connecting to and communicating with Mother-Father God and the universal energies. The use of guided imagery and colors has been known to enhance hypnosis and spiritual journeys. Several indigenous cultures have used practices that induce a hypnotic trance like state or astral journeying. Sometimes a deep meditation is considered hypnotic. Metaphysical hypnosis has also been used to connect on a deeper level with Mother Nature, the elements, animals and people who have passed away. With metaphysical hypnosis exploring the Akashic Records/Book of Life can be experienced. The Akashic records are your life files that contain all of your karma, past present and future on earth or on other levels and dimensions. The place they are kept is sometimes called the library for the Akashic records. Trance channeling, automatic writing, writing from the soul or writing from the heart center also may be considered under the heading of metaphysical hypnosis.

A few Reasons to get Metaphysical Hypnosis done
To get in touch with your inner awareness, and learn to trust it
To talk to your soul for inner knowledge, awareness and healing on all levels
To get in touch with the Elohim, your Guardian angels, Archangels and Spirit guides
To communicate with your inner child or shadow for healing
To meet and communicate with your totem animals, the elements and nature
To connect with your inner guide, inner healer or higherself
To restore your body and soul or clear your chakras and meridians
For metaphysical healing, releasing or to enhance your psychic ability
To learn your higher purpose and enhance your journey to enlightenment
To connect with the higher source, Ascended Masters and your “I Am” presence
For a Past Life Regression or Age Regression
To connect with and communicate with your passed away loved ones or pets
To help expand your awareness or enhance your spiritual practices
To gain higher knowledge and higher learning
To help you become better at visualization and creating your divine potential
To heal you with light and color through visualization
To change or reframe a new or better outcome to change a situation or trauma
For psychic protection, balance, centering, grounding and reclaiming your personal power


Other types of techniques we use:

Parts Therapy
Parts therapy is an advanced technique that is hypnosis in which hypnosis is used to help the client release, heal and change for the better any inner conflict. Inner conflict happens when any part or parts of the client don’t agree with each part. They are sometimes called ego parts, shadow aspects, aspect of oneself, sub-personalities, or subconscious parts. These parts each have their own idea or belief about the issue or illness at hand. The hypnotist (facilitator) guides the client in bringing forth these parts while the client is in hypnosis. The hypnotist will guide the client in dialog with their parts and act as a mediator remaining objective. The hypnotist will stay neutral to locate cause, negotiate and allow the clients parts to agree on the letting go and coming into alignment with all parts so they can release, forgive or replace a new outcome using suggestion and imagery. It is best used when a client has inner conflict or when there is internal resistance.

Gestalt Therapy 
Gestalt therapy was first introduced by Fritz Perls, Laura Perls and Paul Goodman in the 1940’s. Gestalt therapy is believed to be a client centered process that focuses on what needs to be worked on in the moment during a hypnosis session that needs to be redone or resaid for healing, transformation or to create a new awareness. The client is able to clear unfinished business through dialog while under hypnosis. The hypnotist guides the client through a self dialog process that is co-created by the client’s inner self and subconscious to uncover and to obtain a better understanding of what happened or was said in the past. The client may have been wronged, hurt, or traumatized in the past. It is a way for the inner self to express hidden or blocked feelings and emotions that may have been causing a certain behavior, response or reaction to someone, or something since the original experience. It helps to bring the client into the now and to focus on healing from within. In some cases it helps give closure to the situation. It is very beneficial with positive outcomes.

Age Regression Therapy
People who lose their memories due to a trauma or an accident can have this kind of hypnosis done to bring forth memories or events they are not able to remember for healing and transformation. It is also used to release traumas or issues. The client may be regressed back to the first time the symptoms started to see where or what initiated it and get details. Age Regression can be used to help you find lost objects; it can take the client back in time to the moment the client last had the object. It can also be used to reinforce feelings such as positivity, self- confidence, or review a time when the client was feeling at optimal performance or health. It can also be used to stimulate memories and qualities such as: happy moments of joy, good achievements or family memories of parents and happy times with them. It can be good to remember moments of success if the client is feeling down and lost. It may be used to retrieve childhood memories of joy for energizing the spirit as well. These are just a few reasons to use Age Regression.

Inner Child Regression Therapy
This is an emotional clearing therapy using inner child, rescue missions, inner parenting, and other techniques to change the memories of trauma, abuse, and neglect in one’s past, into new memories of love, nurturing and guidance in order to restore us to appropriate adult feeling responses to the stresses and challenges of the outer world. “Emotional clearing” generally refers to repairing the damages of childhood memory, but is applicable to adolescent trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, wartime, past life trauma and adult experience.

As children our feelings were an expression of our basic needs for love, affection, freedom, play, food, companionship, etc. If certain basic needs remain unmet in one of childhood’s developmental stages, they carry over unmet into the next stage. Although the unmet needs (and subsequent unhappy feelings) are usually repressed in order to facilitate our physical or emotional survival, they remain as an active “residue” of immature feelings, emotions, and needs in the subconscious mind, causing complexes, creating behavior disorders, including addictions, creating negative inner voices (sub personalities), and draining away our capacities for creativity, power and intimacy. Our feelings then are no longer an appropriate response to our environment, or a guide to our true adult needs. They instead present as reactive responses, not as natural responses. They are often inappropriate because they reflect the childhood traumas or neglect that is being re-stimulated by the external circumstances of our lives.

By making a connection with regression to the inner child the clients can learn how they formed a feeling or belief about something that has created them to act or think a certain way. The inner child holds all of the clients’ past in this life time and therefore can help them work through issues that affect. The inner child gets a chance to express itself and the client can respond by giving it unconditional love. Communicating with the inner child can also be done with a technique called parts therapy.

In Utero/Prenatal Regression Therapy (Womb Regression/Rebirthing)
This is hypnosis that takes clients back to the time when they were in their mother’s womb. When regressing back to the clients’ mother’s womb they can see and feel what it was like to be in the womb, what they felt inside, what their mother and father were feeling or how they communicated with their mom. Clients can see how they communicated with their soul and get messages from their soul. They can find out their soul’s purpose. Sometimes issues clients have may have stemmed from their experiences while they were in the womb or during child birth. This is a way to go back in time and view them for healing, releasing and closure.

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLR)
Past Life Regression is a form of Regression Therapy. During the session the client explores lives their soul experienced before this lifetime. The client is guided back in time to another lifetime. Clients can experience where they were, what they were wearing, what their name was, what their purpose in that lifetime was and much more. They can get a sense of who they know from that lifetime that is in this lifetime now. Clients can release karma, issues, or any contracts and binding agreements they had with other people or situations to help them heal and clear them for this life now. A binding agreement is a lesson formed with another soul at the end of a lifetime that they will relive or work on together in another lifetime to come. Sometimes people are still corded to someone from a past life or a deceased someone they knew. During a PLR these cords can also be released. There is usually a karmic reason someone is still corded to someone here on earth. A PLR is one way to find out and clear it. Fears, illnesses, repetitive problems, life situations and old issues can be cleared and dissolved with PLR. Clients can also view how many lifetimes they have had with their lover or spouse. They can explore their other lives on other realms, dimensions, and planets. A PLR will heighten one’s senses and intuition. It is a creative experience to view these past lifetimes and helps clients put the puzzle pieces of their life together. Have you ever wondered why you had an attraction to a different country, style of clothes, certain type of food, kind of music, dancing or instrument? Intense and inexplicable emotion-Déjà vu of place; instant sense of familiarity for someone just met; in trance experience of intense feeling beyond present life experience. Chances are you lived in that country or played that kind of instrument before. Past life talents emerge; Clearing historical details not otherwise known; meeting people who share your memories. Did you ever wonder why you are so attracted to a certain person? Chances are that they were your spouse or lover in a past life.

Reasons to get Past Life Regression done:
1. To bring clarity and new insight to your present life.
2. To more fully appreciate your spiritual heritage, identity and destiny.
3. To gain personal empowerment by bringing traits and talents back with you.
4. To release past karma brought into this life for healing. This includes healing illnesses, diseases, phobias, and weight gain.
5. To release contracts and binding agreements. To cut cords not needed to help you evolve.
6. To release all old patterning of negative behaviors.
7. To release blockages preventing your divine potential.
8. To find out what lifetime is interfering with financial issues and see why you aren’t getting ahead financially and clear it.
9. To clear your past, enabling you to create a new outcome.
10. To see your past lives with your lover, spouse or mate.
11. To clear old issues and contracts which are creating problems in your relationships.
12. You can see into the eyes of the people you know now.
13. To find out what your soul’s purpose is.
14. You can experience what it was like for your soul to travel.
15. To talk with your Spirit guides.
Progression Therapy 
Progression Therapy is used for bringing the client into the feeling of completion. This is usually done by visualizing the future and locking in the goal, desired outcome or effect. When something can be seen or felt in the future while in hypnosis, it helps to manifest this desired outcome quicker. The hypnotist will use guided imagery or visualization while the client is in a deep relaxed state (hypnosis) and have the client imagine the future and create a desired outcome. The hypnotist will have him/ her see and feel what that experience really feels like by connecting a feeling or emotion with his or her goal or desire and have the client jump into that scene. You can create a future happy you, or healthy you, thin you or successful you. Good feelings, self-confidence and a sense of calmness can all be reproduced with an anchor put in place.


Guided Imagery 
The use of guided imagery is when a hypnotist guides the client to use his/her imagination and visualization skills to create a new scene, program, or outcome to create a situation for healing and transformation. Through suggestion the hypnotist guides the client to create a new thought pattern that reprograms the subconscious. Guided imagery is utilized for medical conditions as well. It clears issues, relieves stress and promotes relaxation, peace and tranquility for healing. The autonomic nervous system will respond when the body relaxes. In fact the mind, body and spirit benefits from this kind of therapy or healing. Jessica also uses essential oils as agents of health and healing, involving both physics and chemistry in combination with the human heart and mind so healing can start taking place right now, without complete understanding, while science can catch up later. Essential