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Billy Eggeling
I didn’t think I could be hypnotized and I was surpised how immediately comfortable I felt with Jessica. I was able to go into a relaxed state, which I hadn’t been able to do for many years following my deployment in Afghanistan. I discovered underlying and unresolved issues that I had repressed and I’m so grateful for this life changing opportunity.

Aldrick Bradley
 During my struggle with decades of addiction, I felt detached and numb. Hypnosis has helped me to understand what I am feeling and what I was trying to mask. I now practice self hypnosis daily to continue my inner work and identification of my true emotions. Thank you so much, Jessica!

Whitney PakPour


Depression has always been my enemy; I felt alone. After this experience I now I have a job, successful relationships, and I feel a lot happier in my life. I always look forward to my sessions with Jessica.